House Roast£1.90£2.00£2.25
Flat White£2.25£2.75
Chai Latte£2.65£2.95£3.50


Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate£2.65£2.95£3.50
Bob's Hot Choc Topped with marshmallows and fresh cream£2.95£3.25£3.50
Bert's Hot Choc Hot Choc with a shot of Caramel, topped with marshmallows and fresh cream£2.95£3.50£3.75


Suki Tea£2.50


Iced Latte Coffees

Classic Iced Latte£3.25£3.75£3.95
Vanilla Iced Latte£3.25£3.75£3.95
Caramel Iced Latte£3.25£3.75£3.95
White Choc Iced Latte£3.25£3.75£3.95


Raspberry & White Choc Frappe£3.50£3.95£4.25
Banana & Caramel Frappe£3.50£3.95£4.25
Mint Chocolate Frappe£3.50£3.95£4.25
Honeycomb Frappe£3.50£3.95£4.25

Bob’s Thick Shakes

All our shakes come with whipped cream & flake!!

Raspberry & White Chocolate£3.50£3.95
Banana & Toffee£3.50£3.95
Minty Chocolate£3.50£3.95
Strawberry & Cream£3.50£3.95
Peanut Butter & Chocolate£3.50£3.95


Bob’s Famous Burgers

All our burgers are homemade using locally sourced beef

Bob's Burger Handmade burger with cheese & mixed salad£6.50
Bert's American Burger Handmade burger topped with bacon, cheese, ketchup, American mustard, mayo & mixed salad£6.95
Ranch Burger Handmade burger topped with onion rings, crispy bacon, cheese & south west mayo£7.25
New Yolker Burger 4oz burger topped with cheddar, fried egg & chilli jam£7.50
Hallion Burger 4oz burger topped smokey BBQ pulled pork, onion rings, cheddar cheese, rocket, ketchup & American mustard£7.95
Bob's Spanish Chicken Burger grillded chicken fillet topped with chorizo, mayo & mixed salad£7.25
BBQ pulled pork BBQ pulled pork, cheese and crispy bacon£6.95
Chicken goujon burger Our famous homemade chicken goujons topped with BBQ sauce, cheese and mixed salad£6.95
Piri Piri Chicken Burger piri piri chicken fillet topped with cheddar cheese, mayo & rocket£7.25

Bert’s Dog House

A footlong McAtammey’s sausage served in a freshly baked roll and choice of side

Bob's Bull Dog Pork sausage served with onions, American mustard and ketchup£6.95
Froggy Dog Our handmade jumbo sausage topped with french brie, crispy bacon and sweet chilli jam£6.95
Chilli Dog Pork sausage topped with rocket, hot chilli sauce, sliced cheddar and garlic mayo£6.95
Chippy Dog A batter handmade jumbo sausage topped with french fries & chippy curry sauce£6.95
Dirty Dog Pork sausage with BBQ pulled pork, American mustard, ketchup and topped with fried onions£6.95


Other Hot Food

Bob's Chilli Beef rump strips mixed with peppers, onions, chilli sauce & topped with cool garlic mayo served in a wrap or on flat bread£7.25
Bert's Chilli Chicken sliced chicken mixed with peppers, onions, chilli sauce & topped with cool garlic mayo served in a wrap or on flat bread£7.25
Philly Steak Sandwich rump steak topped with cheddar cheese, ballymaloe relish & rocket£7.95
American Steak Sandwich rump steak topped with cheddar cheese, rocket, ketchup & American mustard£7.95
Chicken Goujons 3 of our famous homemade chicken goujons served with choice of dip£6.95
Chicken goujon wrap 2 of our famous homemade goujons in a fresh tortilla wrap with south west sauce & mixed salad£6.95

Bob’s Sides

French fries£2.50
Garlic fries£2.50
Sweet potatoes£2.50
Onion Rings£2.50
Curry chips£2.50
House salad£2.50
Sweet Chilli fries£2.50

Panini & Flats

All served with a choice of 2 salads

Chicken, Cheddar & Chilli Jam£5.95
Bacon, Brie & Ballymaloe Relish£5.95
Ham, Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar & Sweet Onion Relish£5.95
Smokey BBQ Chicken, Cheddar, Onion & Rocket£5.95
Chicken, Chorizo, Rocket & Caramelised Onion£5.95
Chilli Chick Pea, Brie, Onion, Peppers & Mixed Salad£5.95


All served with freshly baked wheaten

Grilled Chicken & Chorizo Topped with Cheddar£6.95
Chicken Goujons with Tomato & Chilli Jam Dip£6.95
Piri Piri Chicken Fillet£6.95
Bert’s Famous Caesar Salad£6.95
Chilli Beef Salad£6.95
Pesto Chicken & Rocket£6.95
Smoked Salmon & Poached Egg£7.50


Crunchy Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam£3.75
Bacon & Cream Cheese£4.50
Chicken, Cheese & Chilli Jam£4.95
Chicken, Chorizo, Rocket & Caramelised Onion£4.95

Baked Potato

Served with a choice of 2 salads

Prawns & Marie Rose Sauce£4.95
Chicken, Cheese & Sweet Chilli Jam£4.95
Beans & Cheddar Cheese£4.95
Cheese & Coleslaw£4.95
BBQ Chicken, Cheese & Crispy Bacon£4.95


Toasted Bagel served with butter and jam£1.95
Porridge served with maple syrup & sultanas£3.50
Porridge served with peanut butter & maple syrup£4.50
BELT Begal 2 bacon, egg, lettuce & tomato£4.75
Bob’s Filled Soda our own soda topped with 2 sausages, bacon, egg, cheese & tomato chutney£4.95
Bob's French Toast topped with bacon and mayple syrup£4.50
Spud Stack 3 slices of potato bread stacked with bacon, sausage and egg£4.95
Short Stack 2 pancakes topped with crispy bacon, maple syrup and cream£4.95

Poached Eggs 2 eggs poached served with bacon & 2 slices of toast£4.95
Scrambled Eggs Northern Irish eggs served with bacon & 2 slices of toast£4.95
Scrambled Eggs & Salmon toasted wheaten bread, Scottish smoked salmon & scrambled eggs£5.75
Waffle Sandwich fresh waffle topped with sausage, bacon, egg with maple syrup on the side£4.95
Bert's Eggs Benedict toasted muffin, 2 poached eggs, crispy bacon & hollandaise sauce£5.95
Bob's Famous Fry sausage, bacon, fried egg, tomato, potato bread, soda, pancake, black pudding & beans£5.95
Eggs Royale 2 poached eggs served on an English muffin topped with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce£6.50
Bert’s Breakfast Stack pancake, 2 sausages, potato bread, 2 bacon, soda bread topped with a fried egg£6.50